Where Our Thoughts Should Dwell

I inherited a number of old Christian books from the libraries of my grandfather and my great grandfather. Of all the books I have purchased and added to my library through the years few are more important than these special out of print volumes. The books, being rare, are seldom read or quoted today. One such book, a collection of sermons by Arthur John Gossip, is entitled The Hero in Thy Soul.  It is in this volume the reader would discover the classic sermon, “But When Life Tumbles in, What Then?”  This is one of  the most sought after sermons Gossip preached. The following quote from Gossip explains why so many desire to read it,

But When Life Tumbles In, What Then?’ was the first sermon preached after my wife’s bewildering sudden and undreamed-of death. The office bearers of Beechgrove Church, Aberdeen, included it in a memorial booklet issued for private circulation. It has wandered so far over the world, and I have received so pathetically many requests for copies from people in sorrow, that I have included the sermon here, not without diffidence and some shrinking of soul. I have not had the heart to work over it; and it is set down as it was delivered.
— Arthur John Gossip
Arthur John Gossip

Arthur John Gossip

Imagine pastor Gossip going to the pulpit after the sudden unexpected death of his dear wife. What did he say? How could he put into words the pain of his heart? What did he find in the Word of God to console him and how did he direct the congregation in this time of brokenness?  The message Gossip preached is here presented in its entirety and was taken from the book, Hero in Thy Soul,  published by Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York, 1929.